Экс-невестка Татьяны Васильевой боится за детей Anastasia Begunova now lives in Germany and fears that the ex-husband may steal heirs. A young woman believes that Tatyana Vasileva has prevented their family happiness. According to her version, the actress was in control of everything that happens in the life of her son.

      Экс-невестка Татьяны Васильевой боится за детей

      In 2008, the son of a famous actress Tatyana Vasilyeva Philip married his beloved Anastasia Begunova. It seemed that the young family was a complete idyll – the lovers adored each other. The couple had two sons – John and Gregory. However, after a while Philip accused Anastasia of theft of a large amount of money. After this scandal, the couple broke up and now a woman with children lives in Germany to hide your address, fearing for heirs.

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      Anastasia believes that Tatyana Vasilyeva broke up her marriage with Philip. He listened to his mother and on her initiative moved the family to Berlin.

      “The attacks were brutal with her and Tatiana Vasilieva. They wrote SMS-Ki: “We believe that at the reception a German family or in boarding school better for the kids than with you,” recalls Anastasia.

      Begunova have to hide your address, to protect the heirs. According to her, she was forced to write to the German Ambassador. The woman reported that they were on the alert if suddenly someone steals the children and decides to take them out of the country.

      Former daughter Tatyana Vasilyeva admitted that tried hard to please wife, bore him no children, endured his threats. According to the woman, Philip was a pathological jealous and threatened to kill her if he suddenly feel that something was wrong.

      Экс-невестка Татьяны Васильевой боится за детей

      Anastasia flipped out when he heard the accusations. Tatyana is assured that Anastasia makes it impossible to see my adorable grandchildren. But legman is totally fine, if a little Ivan and Gregory will chat with relatives. According to her, during this time, they didn’t try to contact them and ask about the lives of children.

      “Maybe she thinks that due to this, she will sympathize with the whole country”, – said Anastasia.

      Ex-wife of Philip Vasiliev with pain in his voice recalls a life with him. When she went to rehearsals in the theatre and left the kids with my husband. The return of a man tormented Anastasia suspicion, worrying about the fact that she can have an affair with someone from colleagues. However, legman’s not talking bad in front of the kids about dad and grandma.

      Anastasia believes that if Tatyana would not interfere in the life of Philip, it would be a very different character. Woman think my mom is overprotected son, so he was not able to make decisions and be the head of the family.

      When Anastasia and Philip moved to Berlin, Tatiana Vasilyeva was opened for the family of his son’s account to which transferred 350 thousand euros. The actress had planned that soon they will buy an apartment. Instead, a man bought an expensive car. But Tatyana felt that the daughter stole the money. After the scandal, she was forced to withdraw from the General account of 50 thousand euros to support herself and children.

      “Yes, I understand that it is to some extent stealing. I took this money to be here with the kids in the shelter. The attacks were terrible – from Tatiana Vasilyeva and Philip. The lawyers called and threatened to take the children,” recalls the legman.
      Экс-невестка Татьяны Васильевой боится за детей

      Anastasia recognizes that Tatyana helped with money a young couple. She gave them a four-room apartment in the center of Moscow, but the couple decided to buy a home in a prestigious area. She has also gifted daughter jewelry. However, after a quarrel in the family Philip took the ring that I once gave to his wife. After a time, the man was issued a deed to the apartment for my mom.

      In 2016, Anastasia and Philip officially divorced. Children left to live with my mom. According to her, this year’s ex-husband and the grandmother did not seek to see the kids. According to the woman, she offered to give up a share of the housing to replace the two thousand euros that she would receive monthly. Philip pays seven thousand in child support for two sons. Not long ago, Philip married Mary Blankenau and soon became a father for the third time.

      Экс-невестка Татьяны Васильевой боится за детей

      Children of Philip and Anastasia learned German, attended school in Berlin and also attend classes in different sections. She admitted that they had to move out of five-room apartment in the apartment more modest. The legman believes that it can adequately educate their sons on their own. According to her, children want to communicate with my grandmother.

      Now Anastasia found love in Germany and had a son Peter. New choice artist Dmitry is actively involved in the lives of boys. She makes the children call him “dad”.