Ex-clairvoyant Yeltsin voluntarily left “the Battle of psychics”

Экс-ясновидящая Ельцина добровольно покинула «Битву экстрасенсов» Participant in the seventeenth season prematurely left the show. After two trials, the woman decided to leave the set before it was announced who was in the “black envelope”.

      Экс-ясновидящая Ельцина добровольно покинула «Битву экстрасенсов»

      Elena Davidova, who came to “Battle of psychics”, yet in the qualifying stage stated that it was a clairvoyant Advisor of President Boris Yeltsin. She worked hard with him, even managed to influence some of his decisions, but the reason ceased to cooperate with the former head of state, did not call. The women reached sixth series of “Battle”. However, in the latest issue she failed both tests.

      In contrast to the more powerful participants Davydova was unable to determine who stood in front of the mirror before her brought to him. Before her was a task to find out who was looking at his own reflection for a minute before the arrival of the party trials, and that this man was doing. She called the man who showed the episode of the theatrical production of “Courting major”. In fact, it was the clown who showed pantomime “Butterfly and flower”. After she introduced the man standing in front of the mirror, she insisted that I was close in my vision. She insisted that “not very grounded” and coped with the test.

      New “Battle of psychics”: the millionaire, the risen prophet and adviser to Yeltsin

      Elena had a chance to show himself in the second stage, however, she failed. Instead of telling mother about the fate of her 16-year-old son, who, it should be noted, drowned, she said that she sees the fate of women, which, among other things, are still alive. It is obvious that clairvoyant confused. Davydova said that she could bring the card.

      Most surprising is the care clairvoyant. When presenter Marat Basharov going to announce the names strong and weak, it turned out that Elena left the “Battle”, without denoting the reasons for his departure. This surprised the other participants. In turn, Basharov said that every decides the issue of further participation in the competition, but this time in the “black envelope” pictures of Elena Davydova. This means that she could continue the fight. But given that she was eliminated from the “tournament”, the presenter decided not to name the weakest, and thus to give the rest a chance to prove themselves in the next releases.