Ex-boyfriend of the stars “House-2” Tarasyuk: “Nastya worked as an escort”

Бывший бойфренд звезды «Дома-2» Тарасюк: «Настя работала в эскорте» Anastasiya Tarasyuk fell out of the window of the 19th floor of the elite house in Moscow, from injuries the girl died on the spot. The police find out all circumstances of the tragedy. The body of the deceased was disfigured.
Бывший бойфренд звезды «Дома-2» Тарасюк: «Настя работала в эскорте»

Ex-participant of the project “Dom-2” Anastasia Tarasyuk fell out of the window of the 19th floor of the elite house in Moscow. The experts found that the girl received injuries incompatible with life, and died on the spot.

Anastasia recently reported on the personal page in Instagram, moved into a new apartment on the streets of Minsk. She actively shared with subscribers in the network of bright shots of a luxurious lifestyle. The cause of death of ex-member of telestroke unclear. According to some, girl abused alcohol and was in severe depression because of love intact.

“StarHit” contacted the former boyfriend Tarasuk, albert by Razinym. Anastasia met him after “House-2”.

“After she developed depression. Nastya did not know what to do, whom to work. She hoped he arrived in Moscow, and it will be a life of luxury. Two and a half months we were Dating, she lived in my apartment. Then worked as a model, like a model… Nasty escorts worked actually. Roughly speaking, a prostitute. Because of this, I broke up with her,” admitted albert.
Бывший бойфренд звезды «Дома-2» Тарасюк: «Настя работала в эскорте»

Rubbers told me that he banned Tarasyuk into prostitution. But, according to albert, she continued to work as an escort. “She flew in the countries, slept for money. Nasty long did drugs, sedatives, and loved to smoke pot, but I’m against all this. I constantly fought with her, we have had scandals because of this. I had not seen her for a long time, about a year. A month ago we talked on the phone, she talked about moving, she again became depressed. Never got to see her, again she said depressed. I understand: she never got off of the topic and continued to engage in prostitution. When I asked her: “Where’s the money? There not cheap to rent a house” she replied that She does the same, promised then to tell. She and the agencies involved, and individually,” – said Rubbers.

According to rubber, Anastasia came to Moscow from Novosibirsk. The girl didn’t say anything about a past life. Ex-boyfriend Tarasyuk said that she wanted to leave Russia.

“They didn’t say anything about the parents, as I understand it, their relationship was strained. We lived together, but I still found out that she slept with different men, the elderly. Although I provide for her. Nastya said that it is like a gambling. Some interest, wanted more from life. She dreamed of living abroad, in the Islands, to relax and not work. Lying on the beach. I warned her that such a gay life does not end well usually. Few people it lasts. But still. Of course, I offer my condolences. Because, after all, a human was familiar, close. This has me upset. Terrible,” summed up Rubbers.

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