Бывший жених Игги Азалии Ник Янг снова станет отцом

Everyone knows that the reason for the separation of singer Iggy Azalea ‘s fiancé Nick young became the latest betrayal, but few people know that in parallel, the athlete met with.. the mother of his son Nicholas with Keaneu green, which now is carrying a second baby “authorship” of the same nickname.

The conception of the second child occurred, as young suggested Iggy to be his wife. “I found out about their engagement from TMZ. Asked him, and he did not deny it. It was a difficult conversation for both of us,” said Keona. After some time, Azalea moved to nick and they even crossed paths a few times, although the conversation, of course, did not go well. After learning that she is pregnant again, Keane urged nick to be honest with Iggy and admit that he will have another child so that his bride found out about it from Newspapers.

“I kept it secret to the last. His guilt I feel because I love the father of their children and more than sure I’m not the only woman with whom Nick cheated on Iggy” told Keona. Recall that Azalea and young had split last month after the news about his infidelity. Vprchem, parting with Iggy does not mean that he will now with the mother of his children.

“We have not yet discussed how it will happen sooner. At the moment, Nick is focused on his career. Basketball is what feeds us all, so I’m not going to pressure him. If he comes to me and says he wants to be with me, I’ll give him a chance,” said Greene.

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