Ex-boyfriend has filed a lawsuit against Nicki Minaj

Экс-бойфренд подал в суд на Ники Минаж

Nicki Minaj advises former gentleman Safari Samuels to find work and not rely on her money. Recently angry for obvious reasons, the singer said that the former lover has the audacity to bring her to court and demand compensation for alleged physical and emotional abuse” that he experienced, being in a relationship with her.

Экс-бойфренд подал в суд на Ники Минаж

Nicki Minaj and Safari Samuels

Samuels and Minaj met twelve years and broke up in 2014. Since then, every got a couple, but someone pushes past and up to this time.
“You’d be surprised, but there are people who die every time I see a glimmer of happiness in your eyes” — wrote the singer, along the way, calling a former lover “subhuman” and “likeness of men”.
“My man asked him to stop writing me an email, I also requested several times. This man can’t live on. It’s really sad. I have all his emails to prove it” — has told fans of Minaj.

Nicki Minaj and her fiance meek mill

In their reports, the singer has also accused Samuels pumping money (it had previously charged him in the theft).
“Imagine how it would feel to part with a man who made so much money on your name, to let him go and wish him happiness, and after all, what happened to such a trick. You can fool blogs, but God knows! You will suffer until you stop doing this to me. Trust me, you won’t want to live. Happiness can’t buy money” — wrote the Tune, referring to Safari.

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