Ex-boyfriend Daria Lukinoj went to Olga Buzova

Экс-бойфренд Дарьи Клюкиной ушел к Ольге Бузовой Sergei Naumov working as a DJ, along with his brother Andrew. He decided to try his luck after the breakup with Lukinoj and went to conquer the heart of Olga Buzova, which is considered one of the most enviable brides of Russia.
Экс-бойфренд Дарьи Клюкиной ушел к Ольге Бузовой

Ex-boyfriend Daria Lukinoj Sergei Naumov went to the project “Marry Buzova”. He works as a DJ, along with his brother Andrew. Shortly before the appearance in the fifth season of “the Bachelor” Dasha was in a romantic relationship with Sergei. The pair spent a lot of time together, but gradually she began to realize that Naumov prefer to have fun in the company of his brother, while forgetting about her. It did not suit the model: she left to build love by Ilya Glinnikov.

Экс-бойфренд Дарьи Клюкиной ушел к Ольге Бузовой

However, the actor did not like Dasha. According to rumors, she didn’t want to be with him because of his bad habits. As for Sergei Naumov, he waited for Dasha after her shooting and Glinnikov. Klyukina then began to live with her boyfriend. “The guy fell in love with and she just felt comfortable with him. When she took over the show, he collected things – and remember as called. And Serge has suffered”, – said a familiar DJ.

On shooting the sixth season of the Dating show Klyukina really got to pull as very much wanted to get acquainted with Egor Creed. The party won, but fans still think that after the end of the project Dasha broke up with the singer.

The winner of “the Bachelor”: a meeting with men for money and lietosana with Creed

Also in the show “Married with Buzova” will be attended by influential businessmen. Among them: millionaire Yevgeny Nazarov and owner of the company “the Swan” in the production of cheese Denis Lebedev. The first works with cryptocurrencies and runs a successful business training, the second decided to participate in the project only because of Olga Buzova.

As reported Super.ru in addition to Sergei Naumov on shooting will also go with his brother Andrew. Olga herself clearly knows what man she needs. She tired to resolve all issues independently and want to meet a strong choice that will allow her to feel like a little girl. “The most important thing for me is not material. The important thing is not how much a man earns, and what he is. I thing, to feel protected. Men will pass on this project hard casting. If he wants me to take a picture, then immediately go out. I don’t need someone who wants to flash in my stories. We need sincerity,” – said His reporters.