Ex-apostate Kylie Minogue caught up with “karma»

Бывшего жениха-изменщика  Кайли Миноуг настигла «карма»
The singer felt avenged.

Бывшего жениха-изменщика  Кайли Миноуг настигла «карма»

Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse


49-year-old Kylie Minogue has received confirmation
the fact that in the world there is still justice. At this point the singer brought
the news that her former cheating fiancé Joshua Sasse suffered the same fate to which he condemned in the past
Kaili. Sassi was abandoned by her fiancee just a few days
for the wedding.

30-year-old Joshua had recently become
husband 29-year-old actress Harriet Colling. As we now know, began case
to meet Kolling shortly after Minogue parted ways with their
the affair lasted about a year. It was already
prepared for the wedding, the wedding was to be held in St. Lawrence’s Church in Lugo
(Shropshire). But Harriet suddenly announced to Joshua that she changed her mind and
decided not only to cancel the wedding, but to break up with him. The girl, according to the existing
simply happy — except Harriett, Joshua disliked strongly

According to friends case, he is shocked and
suppress. Incidentally, about the same feel Kylie to learn that her
the groom was having an affair with actress Marta Milans… But before she found out
about the cheating fiance, the singer felt so happy! Minogue was madly in love and were engaged to be married
with SASE. She even wanted
after marriage to take his name, abandoning her, under which she became a star. After experiencing bitter disappointment, Kylie
admitted recently that now, no matter how developed her fate, she
for anything and never get married…

Recall, the affair with Minogue
Case began after they met
in 2015, for the TV show “Galavant”. And in February of 2016 announced
engagement. But just a year later, her love story ended when she was caught
Joshua treason.

Kylie Minogue