Ewan McGregor settled in the house of a young mistress

Юэн Макгрегор заселился в дом молодой любовницы
“Jedi” had forgotten his family…

Юэн Макгрегор заселился в дом молодой любовницы

Ewan McGregor


Mary Elizabeth Winstead


The days paparazzi
managed to film Ewan McGregor, when he went out in the morning from her friend’s house
Mary Elizabeth Winstead. 46-year-old McGregor is dashing as the young man jumped on a motorcycle
and sped away. A little later, the reporter was able to watch for and Mary, when
she went to the nearest store for shopping. As it turned out, Winsted, and
McGregor, who star in the place in the TV series “Fargo”, already live together as a family, although Ewan is not even started
the process of divorce.

The news
McGregor, who played in the franchise “Star wars” wise Jedi Obi-WAN Kenobi, is ready to part with his wife, in order to be reunited with the actress who is younger than his 14 years, struck by friends of the actor. After All, Euan
and his wife eve not only lived together for 23 years, raising daughters, they
it was considered to be extremely amicable and harmonious couple. And the idea that Ewan is gone
from the family only due to the fact that fell in love with the young beauty, shocked many.

Kiss, Mary
in public, Yeen began even before it was announced that he and his wife
I decided to leave. And soon after reports of an imminent divorce, MacGregor
promptly taken out all his belongings from the family home. This process is then managed
to photograph the paparazzi. However, everyone thought that Ewan temporarily leases a house or
will live in the hotel. And he turned out to be moved directly into the house Winsted. About his family he seems to have been and
not recalls. And when Eva asked how she felt about this turn
events, she said with a sigh, not hiding his desperation: “what can I do with