Ewan McGregor – about how he chose DiCaprio

Юэн Макгрегор - о том, как ему предпочли Ди Каприо
The actor admitted that the betrayal of the beloved filmmaker was “a punch in the stomach”.

Ewan McGregor nobody would know, if 21 years ago Director Danny Boyle had not offered him a role in his cult film “Trainspotting”. From that moment, the actor began a streak — it was removed not only Boyle in all his movies, but other Directors. The pinnacle of a Hollywood career, McGregor has become one of the leading roles in the movie George Lucas’s “Star wars.” And with Boyle they were friends until the moment when Danny suddenly picked up and chose McGregor Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo got the role in the next film “the Beach”. It was a blow to Ewan, from which he could not recover for a very long time. Here’s how the actor himself commented on the “betrayal” of a friend:

“It was a terrible blow for me. Not only because Danny I owe my career. This is more than a career. We managed with him to leave his mark in the history of British cinema, you know? This is well worth it. He is my Director, and I am his actor. I was ready to work with him in any project. And could not understand why he suddenly destroyed our friendship? Still remember that day and our meeting, when he announced his decision. I became white as chalk resentment… Many years were not able to communicate with him. Although the life we were constantly pushed. Once appeared together on the plane, was flying at a festival. I, my wife, Danny and Director Stephen daldry. And no one else in business class. Wife and Stephen fell asleep, turned off the lights. I sat and tried to force myself to get up to approach Danny and finally speak English! But I couldn’t…”

But in the end Ewan and Danny still up for the sequel to Trainspotting — the film that Danny Boyle took off in the past year. The picture was an event. All the actors from the first part with pleasure took part in the new project. And recently it became clear that Boyle waited so long because I wanted to all the artists in your forties…

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