Evgeny Rudnev officially registered marriage

Евгений Руднев официально зарегистрировал брак
Ex-member of the famous TV project “Dom-2” Eugene Rudnev married again.

Евгений Руднев официально зарегистрировал брак

A year after her divorce from a member of the project Liberi Kadono Eugene has already begun the search for a new girl.

Your love he met at the fitness center.

Евгений Руднев официально зарегистрировал брак

Six months later, the young people decided to go to the registry office.

“I had different girls, and in it I found exactly what I was looking for, – said Rudnev. She’s a bit older than me, independent, understanding, feminine, charming. We immediately began to live together. Lena knows that I was a member of “House-2”.

It turns out that when I was under the cameras, she had experienced a difficult relationship with a young man. Each time quarrels Lena said: “the worst you can be only Rudnev!” Now, after talking with me, she knows I’m a completely different person,” said Eugene.

Congratulations to young on their marriage.

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