Evgeny Rudnev found love after divorce

Евгений Руднев нашел любовь после развода The ex-spouse Liberi Kadono plans to become a father. Evgeny Rudnev believes that with his new fiancee he will be able to build a happy family. After leaving the project, the young man began a new life.

      Евгений Руднев нашел любовь после развода

      Some time ago viewers with great interest watched the development of relations one of the most controversial couples of the TV project “Dom-2” Eugene Rudnev and Liberg Kadono. Young people are rude and sometimes aggressive form found relationship, and ultimately it led them to divorce. Soon the two left the perimeter of the famous telestroke and began to build their life. While Liberg Kadono doing business and personal growth, her former lover did not lose time in vain and also working on their future.

      A young man found a good job, though admitted that after the scandalous glory in the “House-2” was given to him is not easy, played sports and found his love. In short, Eugene did everything in order to start life with a clean slate and prove to everyone that he’s not who he used to see the audience.

      Rudnev had an affair with a girl named Lena. About his beloved ex-member of the reality show said reluctantly, but makes it clear that this relationship is more than serious. “When I worked as a fitness trainer, my current girlfriend went to my classes, so we met. I had different girls, and in it I found exactly what I was looking for, – said Eugene. She’s a bit older than me, independent, understanding, feminine, charming. We immediately began to live together. Lena knows that I was a participant of “House-2”. It turns out that when I was under the cameras, she had experienced a difficult relationship with a young man. Each time quarrels Lena said, “Worse than you can be only Rudnev!” Now, after talking with me, she knows I’m a completely different person. I guess I really changed during this time. Though perhaps I always was, but “lost” themselves in the project life. Now, more and more people tell me that I radically differ from the screen image”.

      Евгений Руднев нашел любовь после развода

      By the way, Rudnev already thinking about creating a strong family. The man is sure that he is even ready to be a father, and it is possible that these plans will help him to implement it the current sweetheart. “Soon it will be thirty years, she wants kids. We are already talking about starting a family,” Eugene admitted in an interview with “House-2”.

      About Rudnev ex-wife no longer remembers. He is convinced that outgrown this relationship, and they have Kadono would not have happened. Now he wishes her the best of luck in everything and sincerely hopes that she will find happiness.

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