Евгений Поддубный: жена, дети

The famous military journalist, author and popular host of the television program “War,” Poddubny Eugene E., was awarded many orders and medals. As a person who knows how to ask the right questions, himself, telling journalists about his personal life, with a smile said that first of all, for him there is work, and the wife of Yevgeny Poddubny, his children — all will be then.

		Евгений Поддубный: жена, дети

In the photo: Eugene Poddubny

Personal life, the wife of Eugene Poddubny

Jack was born in the Russian city of Belgorod (1983), in a family of surgeons. In 2001 he entered the University in the Department of psychology. Some time Eugene with his parents lived in the middle East. There he began to study the Arabic language, in addition, speaks English.

“In extreme journalism without a good knowledge of foreign languages is not enough. This is necessary not only for communication with local residents and military, but also to merely survive, — says Eugene, — because the posted by it is often vitally important to know foreign languages”. Now he is studying the Arabic language, especially in order to work in the middle East. Wife and the child had allegedly not, but the wedding ring is.

Journalism Jack loved being a student. Then came on the radio, performed on TV. For the period that he and his family lived in the East, he had to get acquainted with a unique culture that later came in very handy as the posted by.

		Евгений Поддубный: жена, дети

Biography of Yevgeny Poddubny

After graduating from Belgorod, Pushkin was invited to Moscow, as a reporter, first on the channel “TV Center” and then on the channel “Russia-24”. So he began to cover information about the war. Such work requires true courage and high professionalism, so as a film crew, which covers military operations, must be willing to do all that helps to survive in combat.

		Евгений Поддубный: жена, дети

Today Yevgeny Poddubny is a war reporter whose essays and photos are known worldwide. He worked in South Ossetia; was with the crew to Iraq; the bombing in Lebanon; in danger, sitting in the trenches, Ukraine; worked in Pakistan where he was wounded. Having academic status in television of the Russian Federation, he created sixteen documentaries, which viewers can see the whole truth about the events military events and conflicts.

		Евгений Поддубный: жена, дети

In the photo: Eugene Poddubny in the city of Palmyra during the concert “prayer of Palmyra”

Yevgeny Yevgenyevich poddubnyy, as a journalist, striving to truly convey what is happening, because I am sure that it is the main task of the military reporter of international Affairs. For their heroic labor, Yevgeny Poddubny three times awarded the TEFI in the fourteenth, sixteenth and eighteenth years, for reporting on the events in Ukraine, “the Liberation of Palmyra”, and also for a series of stories about the War in Syria.

		Евгений Поддубный: жена, дети

Evgeny Poddubny awarded the Order of Courage

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