Евгений Папунаишвили рассказал об употреблении запрещенных препаратов

Dancer Eugene papunaishvili known in wider circles thanks to the scandals and all that they entail, but primarily through its participation in various entertainment projects where he often fights for first place.

Health, diligence, and hard work of Eugene to be envied. But sometimes slip in the press reports that the energy of the artist springs not from nature, but because of special drugs that invigorate and give birth. Comment on the news that papunaishvili uses something, he hurried in person.

The dancer confessed that the need for an active life he is experiencing since childhood.

“I want to dispel the rumors that I used to be energetic. In a pinch I can drink an energy drink, but this is rare,” said Eugene.

The choreographer admitted that he knows where he can draw energy, but he “it is important to take everything from life and to feel the drive”.


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