Евгений Осин рассказал правду о болезни The musician said, for whatever reason, ended up in the hospital. Evgeny Osin at the end of last year complained about the poor state of health. Now, however, he completely denied liver cirrhosis, which was mentioned by some media.

      Евгений Осин рассказал правду о болезни

      This morning the whole community was thrilled by the news that popular in the 90-ies of the singer Evgeny Osin seriously ill. According to media reports, the artist was discovered cirrhosis of the liver. As reported a few days ago 51-year-old pop singer’s hit “Crying girl in the machine” lay on the hospital bed. Presumably, the severe disease was caused by alcohol abuse.

      Doctors fight for life of Eugene Osina

      Later, however, Eugene hastened to refute rumors about the state of his health. He hastened to assure the public that his life is not in danger. While at the hospital, he was completely for a different reason.

      “What is cirrhosis?! What You’re talking about! I really did have to pass tests, but no cirrhosis I have. I feel fine, am at home”, – told reporters the musician.

      After the resounding fame throughout the country name Aspen began to forget. It was rumored that the actor was addicted to alcohol. It is for this reason his wife left him and took their total daughter agniyu. Eugene loved his heiress, but because parting with her was quite difficult for him. After the family drama aspens became even more often to drink strong drinks.

      Now the artist is trying to return to normal life. It’s still warm hope to meet my soul mate.

      “I fell into a situation of despair. I’m not a poor man, I got a lot of things, and women and happiness — no. Daughter doesn’t want to communicate with me for two years. I really suffer from this” – Frank ocean admits.

      However, until now it is not possible to see Agnia. In order to be closer to the beloved child, Osin got a job as a music teacher at the school where she studied the girl. For five years he learned a lot about child psychology and learned to communicate with children.

      At the end of last year, he told reporters that his health is poor – he was diagnosed with pancreatitis and problems with the pancreas. But. Despite this, rumors about cirrhosis of the liver, he refutes. “I beg you, do not believe the gossips”, – said the musician edition Days.<url>.

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