Evgeny Osin seeks money for surgery

Евгений Осин ищет деньги на операцию
In the 90-ies of the singer Evgeny Osin singing groupies.

Евгений Осин ищет деньги на операцию

Now the popularity of the singer has begun to decline. And as it turned out recently, Eugene is going through hard times, he was bedridden and could not walk.

“Two weeks ago I refused the lower limbs, – shared with journalists Osin. Because of back problems. I live alone, hardly move around the apartment. The feeling that crawl on sharp knives. In addition, I have a broken shoulder – fails hit a concrete wall last month.

Require multiple surgeries health just passed. To hold your guitar can’t, and watch performances on stage and not have to forget. Sadly, fans have come to see me funny guy in bell-bottom pants, and now there’s nothing left.”

Eugene asks for help from caring, because it does not have even 5-6 thousand rubles to consult your doctor.

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