Evgeny Osin revealed the truth about the DNA results

Евгений Осин раскрыл правду о результатах ДНК-теста The singer is sure that the 12-year-old Nastya can’t be his daughter. Evgeny Osin claims that he did not see the data of genetic examination, but the girl’s mother Elena Godunova she revealed him the truth. While the singer refused to comment on the future relationship with the child.
Евгений Осин раскрыл правду о результатах ДНК-теста

A couple of weeks ago Evgeny Osin enthusiastically talked about the fact that you have family. The relationship with the man left his old beloved Elena Godunova, which reported about the presence of musician’s illegitimate daughter. As it turned out, a young woman raising 12-year-old Anastasia, who is likely to be the successor of the popular singer.

Aspen insisted on a DNA test, but at the last moment did not know the results. Then the musician said that he believes in their relationship with Nastya and it does not need any formalities. New dad filled up the baby gifts and had planned to marry his former sweetheart.

Now Elena said that Eugene just forgot his words. The man decided not to adopt Nastya, although it continued to call potential relatives. The journalists of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” managed to contact a Wasp and discuss the situation.

“I have the DNA results did not see, but Lena looked at them and said that the probability of paternity is 0%. I am not the father of the girl, that’s for sure. I believe what I said Elena. More I do not want to comment,” said a man during a telephone conversation with correspondents.
Евгений Осин раскрыл правду о результатах ДНК-теста

Many fans came to the conclusion that the artist just scared serious responsibility. However, there were those who accused Elena of insincerity. According to them, the woman tries to capitalize on long-standing relationship with a Wasp.

Elena herself argues that changes in the behavior of Eugene arose because of his problems with alcohol. According to the former mistress of the artist, Osin periodically calling her late at night, insisting on meetings and conversations.

12-year-old girl is very concerned about the current situation, as a potential father promised to get her into a good school and make a lot of gifts, to surround with care and love. The girl decided to mess with a Wasp and ask him about the prevailing rumors.

“I’m sick, feel bad. I think poisoned. Regarding this situation, I will not say anything. I don’t know that you are there with the mother up to and what you want,” said the artist girl.

Aspen fans hope that he will be able to resolve this issue without attracting too much attention from the public. In their opinion, artists now need the support of the family, as it continues to struggle with alcohol dependence. The man himself has repeatedly admitted that he feels lonely. However, the sudden appearance of Helen and potential heir could scare him. Anyway, now Eugene is going to devote all his time to the restoration of health.