Evgeny Osin protested Dana Borisova

Евгений Осин высказал протест Дане Борисовой The star of the 90s, which is situated in Thailand, trying to overcome alcohol addiction. Singer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” said he was willing to try to overcome themselves for the sake of his daughter. Eugene Aspen help Dana Borisova and Nikita Lushnikov.
Евгений Осин высказал протест Дане Борисовой

52-year-old singer Evgeny Osin is now undergoing rehabilitation in Thailand, where there is also a TV presenter Dana Borisova. On the YouTube channel of the Chairman of the National anti-drug Union Nikita Lushnikov has a video in which the singer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” tells of the famous blonde. The artist looks much better than on shots taken by the staff of the program “Let them talk”. According to Aspen, he’s not enthusiastic about group exercise classes.

Evgeniya Osina save the neighbors

“How I’ve lived without This, no one to consult, no one to cry on. Hopefully, with her help, I somehow will endure. I don’t like to be here because I was forced to go to some group and have to sit stupidly listen to it all, even to write, to answer some tests,” – said the singer Dana Borisova.
Евгений Осин высказал протест Дане Борисовой

Journalists contacted by Nikita Lushnikov, spoke about the rehabilitation of a star 90-h. According to the man, the artist followed the situation with Dana Borisova and saw a program about her stay in Thailand. The contractor is keen on leading once realized that she also could not see the baby. Daughter Borisova Polina is home with her father. The Eugene similar complexity. The actor says he is ready to be treated for the sake of heir.

According to Nikita, Eugene practically did not move on their own when was in Moscow. The actor complained of pain in the legs. In a Moscow clinic aspen stayed for about a week. “Our girls brought their girlfriends from the beauty shop, and they performed a miracle – returned Wife former image,” said Lushnikov.

Now Evgeny Osin is an adaptation period which is different people can take from two weeks to a month. The contractor lives in a Villa in Samui a separate room. Lushnikov says conditions “not Deluxe, but good.” Eugene spends a lot of time at the pool with non-alcoholic cocktails and contemplating life.

“Jack is also not ready for recovery. (…) If we consider three stages of addiction, then Genis last, the third stage. And it requires a special approach. (…) With him are experienced professionals, so there is a chance. Medical the program ended he’s in Moscow, he is now recovering mentally,” said Lushnikov.

Sometimes the singer, as noted by the man, openly Express their dissatisfaction. So, the first two days of Eugene demanded beer and went on a hunger strike after learning that the center is strictly prohibited alcohol. But after talking with Dana Borisova, the artist ceased to torture yourself. According to Nikita, the artist even brought a guitar, if he wants to sing something. “Around him sober people with a positive attitude, and the mood Wife should be gradually transferred. He needs to the end to sober up,” added Lushnikov during the conversation with the journalist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.