Evgeny Osin is going through a creative crisis

Евгений Осин переживает творческий кризис

Star 90s Evgeny Osin is going through a creative crisis, which became health problems. The journalists of Days.Roux contacted him to ask how he was doing, and was immediately faced with criticism of the artist.

“All sorts of media and TV channels has lowered me below a plinth, and then wondering how I was doing. Moreover, promised money to pay for a shoot and took from under the table hidden camera all sorts of vulgarity and not a penny paid. All of this confusion. Okay, money. They promised me to take me to treatment at a foreign resort – I really need it. What’s the resort!” — said Eugene.
According to Aspen, he fed the crew for the whole week, however, when it was the turn reporters to pay for shooting to perform the promise, they not only disappeared, but also “hit” on him, and all the money that was to pay for participation in the program was appropriated.
Now Aspen big problems with health – it’s hard for him to stand or even sit because of his flat feet. Eugene goes to the clinic for physiotherapy. In addition, Aspen at the time it was a dislocated shoulder, and he now needs surgery.
“..the most offensive, that it hurts the shoulder, on which hangs a guitar, and it’s heavy, weighs five to seven pounds” — says Eugene.
The disease affected the performances in Aspen, but he continues to do, writes many new songs, but compose music. Last year, Eugene released the album “Separation”, and is currently working on an album of children’s songs “Bagel and baton-2” together with the leader of the group “Old friend” Alexander Zaretsky.
Recall that a few months ago musician was robbed casual acquaintances, but until now, law enforcement officers are not found guilty, although Eugene and told them all the coordinates of criminals.
“Staff like to use the standard phrase “Work in progress”, and then write in the conclusion that the case was closed for lack of evidence,” said a skeptical Osin.