Евгений Осин отрицает, что смертельно болен
The star of the 90s has denied that is in hospital under a dropper.

Евгений Осин отрицает, что смертельно болен

Evgeny Osin

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The performer of hits “Tanya plus Volodya” and “Crying girl in the machine” Evgeniy Osin denied the news about his urgent hospitalization.

According to media reports, the pioneer of “domestic poems,” was allegedly diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, which developed on the background of alcohol abuse. So, if you believe this news, then the prospects are not rosy Aspen: cirrhosis kills within two to four years, and kills painfully.

Fortunately, Evgeny Osin, in conversation with the correspondent of the portal dni.ru said literally the following: “What is cirrhosis?! What You’re talking about! I really did have to pass tests, but
no cirrhosis I have. I feel OK at home.
Please do not believe the gossip”. Thus, rumors that ocean is currently on a drip in a hospital room, not true.

Agnes Aspen

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In addition, Eugene said that no shortage of work: its tour schedule for September is already fully booked. However, the singer is still not as cheerful as in the days of the triumph of his early hits: “in the Spring released a new album “Separation”.
Recently I had a friend who died Alexander Alekseev. He managed to sing to me on
the recorder a few songs. I liked them, liked the theme of this album
my life also had a lot of separations: separation from a girl, separation
with each other.”

Aspen melancholic attitude is not surprising: in recent years, he was saddled with many sorrows, chief among which was the separation from her daughter Agnia. After the divorce with his wife, the artist deprived of the opportunity not only to participate in education, but even just to see the child. In order to be closer to her daughter, Osin got a job in a school, teaching music and even made of the students of the youth ensemble. Feedback from colleagues and parents and students loved his “star” teacher.

Relationships of Aspen with her daughter and now is far from ideal, but he is proud that Agnes grows a straight a student, beautiful and good girl.

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