Evgeny Osin complained of a worsening of the disease

Евгений Осин пожаловался на обострение болезни The musician complained to health. Evgeny Osin last year gave up alcohol. The artist also suffered from pancreatitis and problems with the pancreas. Now, however, he had problems with his legs.
Евгений Осин пожаловался на обострение болезни

Star 90s Evgeny Osin known for such songs as “Crying girl in the machine”, “don’t believe”, “Student-trainee”. In the years of its popularity literally the entire country sang his songs, but the musician may not please fans of their concerts. As it turned out, the man complaining of acute pain in the legs, and therefore no return on stage yet not dreaming.

“To speak I can’t. I have a serious problem with his legs, it hurts to stand, sit, and sometimes sleep. My congenital flat feet were aggravated, should be treated. That’s what I do. Now go to the clinic for physical therapy. Very painful procedure, but what to do…” – shares the sorrows of aspen.
Евгений Осин пожаловался на обострение болезни

Not long ago, the actor admitted that he gave up alcohol. Addiction cost him his fellowship with his daughter Agnes, whom he loves. Some time ago the girl’s mother forbade the father to approach the child. However, last year the artist has paid the money and began to build a relationship with the heiress.

“I paid all the debts for alimony. We communicate mainly by phone and Internet – shared Eugene with “StarHit”. – Unfortunately, we rarely see each other, because Agnes lives with her mom in another area. This year he graduated from music school going to go to extra courses. She has beautiful vocals – the nature does not rest on the child, as they say. She writes wonderful poems, compose melodies – have ready two albums of songs. In addition, Agnes plays the drums – I recently gave her a silent drum kit had fun and the neighbors are not tortured. Happy with her progress – I think everything about it still will hear.”

Despite the fact that now Evgeny Osin gives concerts and not pleasing fans with new songs, he continues to be creative – composing music, though not as actively as he did before.

“Who would say that no, I did not stop creative activity. Just now slowed down the tempo and making music more for themselves than for large army of fans, mainly female fans, even. Last year, for example, I released an album “Separation”. Now we together with the leader of the group “Old friend” Alexander Zaretsky appends the second album for children called “Bagel and baton – 2”, – said Osin in conversation with journalists Dni.ru.