Evgeny Osin changed sweetheart with a journalist

Евгений Осин изменил возлюбленной с журналисткой Singer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” suspended rehabilitation in Thailand. In mass media there was information that Evgeny Osin started flirting with Victoria, who tried to interview him a few months ago. Previously, the artist said that he was going to create a family with a certain Anastasia.
Евгений Осин изменил возлюбленной с журналисткой

Recently singer Evgeny Osin returned from Thailand where he is being treated for alcohol dependence. The contractor stated that he had expired visas. In addition, the actor broke his shoulder and needed surgery. Osin claims that he mistakenly attributed to the abuse of alcohol.

Dana Borisova Evgenia reproached Aspen in blatant lie

After returning from abroad Eugene, according to the correspondent, was chasing journalist Victoria. The performer suddenly paid attention to the girl than her very much surprised. At the disposal of media representatives were screenshots of the correspondence of the singer and Victoria.

“Returned from captivity Thai. Vic, you don’t want to talk about yourself a folk artist? You are very beautiful!” – appeals to the male companion.
Евгений Осин изменил возлюбленной с журналисткой

The girl prefers humor to respond to messages attributed to Aspen. Victoria in every way makes a man to understand that it does not intend to call him and agree to meet. In response to a compliment about appearance, the journalist wrote: “Thank you.” And when Eugene decided to read the companion poems, she briefly praised him. “What’s your romantic mood!” – could not resist it.

According to the press, Eugene, Victoria also sends your photos. Though not new, 20 years ago. A girl gets from men pictures taken during the heyday of his career.

Evgeny Osin has not commented on the information that has appeared online. While the singer has not confirmed that he actually wrote a romantic message to a journalist. Fans of the artist can only guess how the rumors about his flirting with Victoria untrue.

Interestingly, in a recent issue of the program “live” Osin said that he has a girlfriend.

“I have a favorite, her name is Nastya. I’m really waiting for her, I love and want to build a family. Her name is Nastya, and I sing the chorus of my song: “Nastya, Nastya, give my happiness, Nastya, Nastya, you don’t leave me. Nastya, Nastya, end storm, and will come love and happiness, you know,” said Eugene in the TV show.

Musician Anastasiya Matusevich, who attended the filming, said that the song is dedicated to Aspen not to her. According to the girl, her and Eugene are purely friendly relationship.

In turn, Nikita Lushnikov, the President of the Board of the National antidrug Union, told reporters that the actor confessed to his lady love. With her friend Aspen was contacted by the staff of the rehabilitation center. The name of the beloved Eugene Nikita chose not to share, as well as other details about her.

According to journalists, a new love Aspen tried to interview him six months ago, but he refused in a rude manner. Only a few months later, Eugene decided to get back with Victoria, reports Super.