Evgeny Osin again fell into a binge

Евгений Осин вновь впал в запой Natalia Shturm reported that the actor abuses alcohol. She also said that spiked his glass of unknown substance, and did not steal his song, as the ocean claimed broadcast many talk shows. The picture, which the musician was sealed with a bottle, Natalia sent fan.
Евгений Осин вновь впал в запой

For several weeks in the press vigorously debated the conflict between Natalia and Eugene Assault on a Wasp. The singer first posted a picture where the star of the ‘ 90s, after treatment for alcoholism in Thailand, enthusiastically examines the bottle of wine in the capital. The photo caused a stir in the media.

Евгений Осин вновь впал в запой“Tired of what the press copies of the article to each other, adding their fantasies. Forced to answer all questions regarding Aspen, just to clarify and put an end to this issue. I did not photograph the Aspen store. Don’t write this nonsense! Photo with a Wasp in the beer Department on the day of return from narcoclinic in Thailand, sent to me personally “Instagram”. Neighbors living in the same house,” said Sturm.

According to Natalia, she made a scandalous photo that revenge Aspen. “The law of the boomerang. He insulted me in public, slandered and humiliated. I asked all the participants of the story: and the doctor, which led to his home, and the team Lushnikov, to refute the slander of the sick person. But all was silent – taking care of a sick, spit on others. OK. So I write the truth here on his page on “Instagram,” said Sturm. According to Natalia, thanks to her name scandal was so popular.

“Who taught him to say in the air about poisoning, I don’t know, but I don’t want to know. Let it be on their conscience. I tried to save him, but apparently, right were the TV crews to shoot in a negligee and throw, giving five roubles on the bubble. Tinkering with it really makes no sense. To reconcile, to understand is also unlikely to succeed – it is in the strongest binge at the moment. It’s true,” said the singer.

According to the artist, the song “Tanya + Volodya,” she wrote in November of last year, all talk show, where he accused the singer.

“The author Oleg Chelyshev Sam offered me signing all the documents. So, no one who songs didn’t steal it. If he is willing and able to speak – I will give him a new arrangement,” concluded Natalia.