Евгения Медведева рассказала, как переживает проигрыш Алине Загитовой The skater gave an interview to Yevgeny Yagudin. Despite winning the silver medal, she was upset. Eugene spoke about how to cope with emotions after defeat main rival and close friend Aline Sagitova.
Евгения Медведева рассказала, как переживает проигрыш Алине Загитовой

A few days ago ended the Olympic games. The whole country watched the confrontation between the strongest Russian skaters: Medvedeva and Sagitova. As a result, gold took Alina, and the silver went to Evgenia.

Jack for the first time openly spoke about how lost. Also, the figure skater shared that she saves from the hassle and stress.

“I’m this emotional. But usually people don’t see it. This happens deep in the night when I’m closed in my room. Well, versed at inside… Try not to be impulsive, because you know in my case it’s just a road to nowhere. From this Olympics and the European Championships, I just tried to make my lesson – need to get better and not rely on someone else’s mistakes. You should always rely only on themselves. If you lose, at some point you were weaker”, – said Eugene.
Евгения Медведева рассказала, как переживает проигрыш Алине Загитовой

Medvedev noted that he had learned to cope with the tense situation during the sessions. “In essence I’m not a conflict. I have somewhere in the nature of laid, I feel a little how to get sharp corners,” – said the skater.

Medvedev has noticed that any athlete need to distribute their forces. Skater tries to suppress the feeling of excitement and not to get injured when you realize that more exercise cannot. Although aware of how ahead of its rivals.

“Yeah, it urges on, forces to move further, but there are moments… the Fire that is lit inside, when you realize that you start to overtake, you need to be able to extinguish. Because he might be in loss. The most important enemy of an athlete – injury. It is important to remember that reckless behavior and reckless attachment of the forces which you are not currently able to invest can lead to irreversible consequences,” said Jack.

According to figure skater, sports and life are two parallel. In the competition, according to Medvedeva, have to fight to the end. “I can tell you that sport is a war in which we are to fight, to bite your teeth. Anyone with you is in warm-up, is rivals and even in a sense, enemies. Not personal, but physical. Which you need to win,” said Jack, the TV channel “Match TV”.

The athlete intends to compete for the gold at the Olympics four years later in Beijing. Today she sees it the main goal in my life.