Евгения Медведева впервые ответила Тутберидзе после ухода
Career Alina Sagitova is under attack.

Evgeny Medvedev

Photo: @jmedvedevaj Instagram Evgenia Medvedeva

The decision of Evgenia Medvedeva of resignation from Eteri Tutberidze, although it was predictable, still made a lot of noise. Perhaps because the skater broke up with a famous coach in a difficult relationship. 18-year-old athlete refused to comment in detail on changes in life, only confirming the rumors that now trains with the canadian — Brian Orser. But on the eve of Eugene for the first time said the words Tutberidze.

In a recent interview Eteri said that understands why Eugene left her. “Was talking about the fact that Medvedev did not accept the results of Games in Pyeongchang. Talked with her, tried to understand why it is ranked second and did not score… At the moment I have a feeling that I Orser made the call. Hence, it is our results hurt. We have to work to hurt him even more,” — said Tutberidze.

Medvedev claims that the silver medal at the Olympic games in South Korea had not undermined her confidence. “A lot of people understand that I did not take your silver as a tragedy and that my tears were not caused by the absolute disappointment in their abilities, a result. Yes, I went for the highest reward, but for me figure skating is the main thing – to enjoy what you’re doing,” said Medvedev in an interview to the First channel.

Meanwhile, the position of the Olympic champion (his chief rival Medvedeva) — 15-year-old Alina Sagitova became shaky. The fact that the other day from the head of the figure skating USA Samuel OCSE received a proposal to ban athletes up to 18 years of age to play in adult competitions. To do this it is proposed to minimise injuries and increase the longevity of the career of a figure skater. This initiative will soon be considered and may again to put Alina in Junior tournaments, and Tutberidze suspend medals in senior competitions.