Евгению Медведеву снова перепутали с Аделиной Сотниковой The shooting of the next edition of the show “Ice age. Children” which will show April 29 on the First channel, almost ended in scandal.
Евгению Медведеву снова перепутали с Аделиной Сотниковой

This Sunday Adeline for the first time, sit in a chair the jury of the popular ice show. According to representatives of the First channel, Ilya Averbukh had to put a lot of effort to “get” children’s “Ice age” is always terribly taken by the Olympic champion. However, the fact remains: April 29, Adelina will estimate performances of young figure skaters.

“Children speak for the first time, – admitted Sotnikova during filming. And this, of course, the children of the new generation. So small and already do such complex elements: the ride with complex calls, jump with hands up… In the future they may become Champions.”

Meanwhile, Internet users have long noticed the amazing similarity of Adelina Sotnikova and Evgenia Medvedeva, who, we recall, in the “Ice age” debuted in the leading role. Here and behind the scenes of the “Luzhniki”, where they filmed the show, girls was confused. First the makeup, then costume designers and administrators. Even when Evgeny Medvedev put in front of the camera to interview her, the reporter was in the absolute certainty that communicates with Adelina.

“Fifth time this morning to confuse us” – sadly sighed the renowned figure skater. But the girl is already accustomed to incidents of this kind, and therefore endured an unfortunate mistake representatives of the television workshop.

“I am often compared to fellow figure skater Adelina Sotnikova, – Eugene has admitted in an interview with “StarHit”. – We with it are similar in appearance. I react to it calmly, other people’s opinion is always respected. We know each other, communicate at the meeting, but the nature is different.”

Skater Evgeny Medvedev openly declared its dependencies