Евгений Маргулис сменил прописку
The famous musician is waiting to welcome friends to a housewarming party.

Evgeny Margulis

Photos: 7 Days

the project “house concert Margulis” changed residence and will now exit
in an updated and more spiritual format on the TV channel NTV.

the program “house concert” launched in November 2015 and fast
won the love of the audience.
In July 2017 the production of this project launched NTV,
which also acquired the rights to the episodes. “Kvartirnik” — this is an unusual format, appealing informality and creative live
atmosphere. On a visit to Eugene Margulis come
well-known musicians and chamber music, guitar, perform their best songs and
new songs. If before about who would come to the Studio, the audience
learned in advance, but now the intrigue will continue until the air and
will make the appartment more closed event
for true connoisseurs of good music.

not just
changed the channel — he is dramatically different, but not enough
to lose the spirit of such a phenomenal phenomenon in our country, as
“Kvartyrnyk”. For this reason we kept the name. The program
“Kvartirnik” — the next step NTV on the territory of the living
sound. Is the area free of phonograms, everything here is
really”, — said the General producer of NTV Timur Weinstein.

guests of the updated “jam session” became the band “the Machine
time.” Especially for the recording of the program
NTV rock team gathered in full strength for the first time in a long
time: Andrei Makarevich, Alexander Kutikov, Valery Efremov, Andrey
Derzhavin, Igor Khomich, Igor Ditkovsky, Sergey Ostroumov and Eugene
Margulis remembered the youth, told the guests in the Studio
funny stories from the past and, of course, filled the evening with music,
which grew more than one generation of music lovers. To see this release viewers
will in the fall.

“I am very satisfied
how was the first entry — admitted Evgenie Margulis. And the concert, and prevailed on the filming, atmosphere, and musicians — all
was at altitude. I really want to tell the audience the story of my
memories, because she was beautiful. Alexander Galich I
first saw it at the house concert. I was
only six years old, but I remember everything… I want to show modern
young people, a “delicious” filled with fresh impressions and
strong emotions can be life.”

This fall in the informal music show “the jam session”, the audience will see many unique acoustic
concerts and know well-known performers from an unexpected quarter.