Evgeny Kuzin slow with the wedding

Евгений Кузин медлит со свадьбой Party “House-2” finds reasons not to apply to the Registrar. Evgeny Kuzin, and Alexander Artyomov can’t handle current issues, to combine legal marriage. The show viewers suspect that the celebrations will not be.

      Евгений Кузин медлит со свадьбой

      After Evgeny Kuzin divorced Margaret, Agibalova, it is a long time not been able to build with anyone in a serious relationship. Really turned out to melt the heart of the participant “House-2” only Alexander Artemov, with whom he began a torrid affair. The couple meets for a long time. Eugene introduced his girlfriend with her parents, made her an offer of marriage. Beloved even took part in the special “Wedding million”, where they successfully demonstrated how it could look like their real wedding.

      The winners of the contest “Wedding in a million” in “the House-2”

      However, contrary to expectations of a large audience of telestroke, cousins is in no hurry to conduct his beloved to the altar. Alexander Artyomov continues to imagine himself as a bride only in dreams. It is worth noting that two days ago in the microblogging stars “House-2” appeared intriguing message. “We leave with Eugene Kuzin for a small family job. Worried, to be honest,” wrote Alexander. Followers the girls have interpreted this as an allusion to a trip to the registry office to apply for marriage. However, their reaction was mixed.

      “As you can be? Because he don’t respect you. You’re beautiful, find someone who will love you, respect and, most importantly, not to dishonor his words, “They are both each other’s faces. What is the General wedding, a month apart. All of them have the celebration itself, not the family, Behavior, Sasha is terrible. To embarrass a loved one across the country – a gesture. Don’t know how Jack puts up with it all”, “I love your pair and I hope everything will be fine”, – said Artemov subscribers.

      Meanwhile, today in social networks appeared information about the fact that no submission has not taken place. “The reason is that instead of trying to find out exactly which documents you need to take, they ride back and forth. Wife needs divorce papers with Rita and Sasha help from the Consulate. The children also thought about the wedding not in Moscow and Novorossiysk, and started a quarrel because of money for the celebration,” was written in one of the communities “House-2”. What’s really going on, the couple has not yet commented, but fans are growing suspicions that the wedding will not take place.

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