Evgeny Kuzin brought his beloved to dinner with his ex-wife

Евгений Кузин привел возлюбленную на ужин с бывшей женой Eks-the participant “Houses-2” spent time together with Sasha Artemov and Margarita Agibalova. Cousins shared in the microblog the photo taken in the cafe. It is possible to see that the man was found with ex-wife, son Mitya and others close to him or her.

      Евгений Кузин привел возлюбленную на ужин с бывшей женой

      Former participant reality show “House-2” Eugene Kuzin shared with subscribers of the scenes that they very surprised. A man and his fiancee Sasha Artemova met with the family of Margarita Agibalova during dinner. In the pictures you can see that those present at the table are in a good mood and enjoy the conversation.

      Cousin never hid the fact that he managed to maintain good relations with the former spouse. He is very happy for Margaret, as she is happy in second marriage with Paul Marceau. In turn, the young woman never lets meetings Genis with his son Mitya. The boy even had time to get acquainted with his beloved father.

      “Well, what to say. Family dinner”, signed the cousins.

      The followers of the leading corporate events staged heated discussion in the comments to the photo. “Well done, and you need to chat , all the best”, “Rita was a great mother and Mitya good boy growing. It is evident that she puts all her love, trying for his sake. Eugene, cherish such warm relations”, “Good girl, an example to many”, “Very glad I found the strength for the happiness of the child!” “And Sasha was good, she also loves the baby,” wrote fans a Cousin on his page in the social network.

      However, critics did not believe that Jack and Margaret have forgotten all the insults, calling them hypocritical smiles. However, ex-member of telestroke told me that all the negative points in the past. “I am very grateful to Pasha, husband of Margaret, because he loves my son. And loves for real, not because it is necessary. And Mitya, too, well it is. And I am very happy, because she was afraid that Pasha may not perceive, and boy will it feel. But no, they are friends” – shared a cousin with “StarHit” the details of their relationship. Evgeny Kuzin: “the Daughter called Sophia”

      By the way, the girl Evgenia is also crazy about MiCHi. As noted by Artemov, after meeting with the son of the chosen one she is more realized that really wants to have children. However, now that a couple planning a wedding. Presumably, the celebration will take place this summer. Sasha and Zhenya decide where to organize an unforgettable wedding. According to the girl, the marriage ceremony may take abroad.