Evgeny Kuzin and Sasha Artemova back in the “Dom-2” for a million

Евгений Кузин и Саша Артемова вернулись в «Дом-2» за миллионом The couple wants to win the Grand prize and to get married. Star telestroke went to the Seychelles, where starts the new season of the “Wedding million”. Each year, the winners of the competition receive a large sum of money on a gorgeous wedding.

      The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Eugene Kuzin celebrates a birthday today. On the eve of the holiday, he decided to return to one of the sites of the project together with his lover, 21-year-old Sasha Artemov. In the Seychelles at the moment starting shooting contest “Wedding in a million”. The winners will receive money, which they will be able to hold a big celebration under the gun cameras.

      Apparently, the relationship of Cousin and Artemov will soon end with the wedding. They went to live at the perimeter of telestroke in June 2016. In six months, their feelings became even stronger. “To say that the island has changed greatly, can not, except that the Villa was built,” shares his first impressions of Sasha, laying out photos from the Seychelles.

      Fans welcome the return of Eugene and Sasha. They urge young people not to succumb to provocations from the other contenders for the prize. “I’m happy for you if you are the winners, I wish you victory”, “Sashenka, you are the best couple! You are a very smart and wise girl!” “You are marrying the most worthy in the competition”, “do Not swear, do not get fooled by provocation. The only decent couple,” write the fans of the popular couple.

      Recall that, in summer, leaving from the platform reality show, the cousins did not even expect to be back on the show. For many years he is very tired of the attention and wanted to change the routine. “We have fulfilled the main objective of the “House-2″ – built love. Withdrawal from the project was very deliberate, I wanted it. In 2008 I was sitting at a Calvary near Wenceslas, and in 2016, I also sat on Calvary with Wenceslas. I’m glad I made the decision to leave, and now my life is filled with bright colors, which I never noticed before,” – said Eugene after he left the perimeter.

      Artyomov managed to find a common language with the son of a Cousin of Mitya, and also met with the parents of the beloved. Now she is waiting for the trip to the registry office in the chic dress. About two months ago she caught the bride’s bouquet, therefore, believes that very soon she will wear a veil.