Евгений Чичваркин откармливает беременную Ксению Собчак The extravagant businessman is prepared for the presenter’s dinner. In the microblog Ksenia Sobchak appeared menu from Evgeny Chichvarkin, which was chosen specially for her. Apparently, the star was left in awe of the food.

      Ksenia Sobchak enjoying a day on the French Riviera. The presenter is preparing for the birth of the first child and receives only positive emotions. Beloved husband Maxim Vitorgan and true friends in spades provide the star a good mood.

      So, among close friends of Xenia in the South of France was Evgeny Chichvarkin. Ekstragenty businessman has decided to please your girlfriend with a delicious dinner. Sobchak was surprised to find out that Chichvarkin has a true culinary gift. Especially for her, he prepared delicious meals, from which the star could not refuse.

      “Lunching Zhenya Chichvarkina, it turns out, he not only water, but also delicious feeds. Ventresca tuna in the ginger right out of the oven. Introduced to Eugene with his family Belotserkovsky. I hope for a culinary battle with a delicious outcome,” joked the presenter.

      In General, the menu from chef Chichvarkin, according to the entry in the microblog Sobchak, was as follows: “salmon maraqua, cucumbers with morels and truffle warm salad time smoked on maple wood with sprouted garlic and normal cucumbers to the imaginary vodka,” wrote Ksenia.

      Interestingly, a friend of Sobchak Nika Belotserkovskaya, which is the author of popular cookbooks, also praised the culinary creations of Evgeny Chichvarkin. By the way, resting in a big company, businesswoman played a joke on fans of Xenia. She landed on her knees pregnant leading baby and took a picture in the “Instagram” with a laconic caption: “Everything!”. Followers Niki expressed emotion, looking for the future mother.

      It is worth noting that the company of Russian stars with the warmth took Yevgeny Chichvarkin, who for many years lived in England. By the way, earlier the businessman tried to hide from the prying eyes of their privacy. The former head of “Euroset” rarely appeared in the society pages and social networks of other public figures. For several years he lived together with his wife Antonina, with a son Yaroslav and a daughter Martha.

      Evgeny Chichvarkin presented to the friends of the young chosen one

      However, this spring from an environment of the businessman has information that he is divorced. Now, it seems, Chichvarkin building a relationship with the new darling of St. Petersburg, whose name is Tatiana. The pair had been lit in Jurmala, where the rest of friends of Eugene Maksim Vitorgan, Leonid Baratz, Rostislav Khait and others.

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