Евгения Лоза: «Ненавижу болтунов, любишь – умей молчать!» In an interview with “StarHit” the actress talked about the unusual filming in Turkey, knowledge of foreign languages, the man of her dreams and respect to the holiday novels.
Евгения Лоза: «Ненавижу болтунов, любишь – умей молчать!»

Today, may 14 at 21.00 on the TV channel “Dомашний” starts the story of inter-ethnic love triangle – series “East–West”. One of the main roles in the project is Evgenia Vine.

Eugene, have you noticed any similarities with her character Tanya?
Евгения Лоза: «Ненавижу болтунов, любишь – умей молчать!»When for so long “live” with his character, it becomes difficult to separate yourself from it. Starting to think that you would have done exactly the same as written in the script. Or maybe just therefore justified the actions of the heroine. If, however, aside from the fact that I’m involved in this project, it seems to me that I would be in this situation… just never appeared.—
You have been holiday romance?
Евгения Лоза: «Ненавижу болтунов, любишь – умей молчать!»No, you can’t afford, because I’m the kind of person who for a very long time admit to their own people. It’s how to relax at the resort, to get to know someone and to admit it to myself!—
In love at first sight even believe it?
Евгения Лоза: «Ненавижу болтунов, любишь – умей молчать!»Of course I do! But it is not true love, it can be passion, love, self-doubt… or fear of being alone.
Евгения Лоза: «Ненавижу болтунов, любишь – умей молчать!»
What is love?
Евгения Лоза: «Ненавижу болтунов, любишь – умей молчать!»Love to me is to find something in person or find him calm. To have a common topic of conversation, but to be able to keep quiet. I don’t like talkers. Find a man with whom will not be bored, which will be passion and a strong bond.—
And how to forget your love?
Евгения Лоза: «Ненавижу болтунов, любишь – умей молчать!»No prescription. I, for one, forget for a very long time. Since the end of my last relationship five years have passed. But now I’ve finally recovered and feel happy. Of course, there are many who want to be near me, but I haven’t met “the one”. —
What you hate in men?
Евгения Лоза: «Ненавижу болтунов, любишь – умей молчать!»Rudeness. I can’t stand married men who try to hit you up. Don’t like fanaticism in anything – neither in work or in romance. Don’t like arrogant peacocks. Some care so that they admired, which, they say, they are original. I love, to the contrary, in communion with me that something was noticed, and then did a nice – according to my preferences.—
Would you like to marry a foreigner?
Евгения Лоза: «Ненавижу болтунов, любишь – умей молчать!»It’s hard for me to imagine a relationship with a foreigner: sorry, don’t know languages! For me it is very important to understand the person, speak with him, to be heard. But as they say, I will not renounce.
Евгения Лоза: «Ненавижу болтунов, любишь – умей молчать!»
Surely during the filming of the series you have not studied Turkish language?
Евгения Лоза: «Ненавижу болтунов, любишь – умей молчать!»Only common phrases: greeting, goodbye, wish good appetite and, of course, the main words – “I love you”. I really like to watch the different nationalities, to listen to other languages. I generally like to sit alone in a café in another country and watch people, maybe even a little chat, although it’s more like a game of “Crocodile” in which to Express himself by gestures.—
I prefer to do in your free time?
Евгения Лоза: «Ненавижу болтунов, любишь – умей молчать!»Love to be lazy. I long to lie on the couch, watch TV, read books. Sometimes I wish I could go somewhere far away, to travel. Me and my friends can meet and chat. I love to drive, can drive to his grandmother in Krasnodar Krai…

From which you get the most vivid emotions?
Евгения Лоза: «Ненавижу болтунов, любишь – умей молчать!»From new places and travel. I was recently in Barcelona and received great pleasure from the trip.—
What do you remember about the second season of the project “East-West”?
Евгения Лоза: «Ненавижу болтунов, любишь – умей молчать!»The process of filming was more, shall we say, comfortable than the first. It’s more like the school year, when children come to school after the holidays. It was great fun, we all miss you. Of course, there were days of rest, we rented the yacht out to sea, swam, played “Crocodile” and “contact”. This is despite the fact that you got up at 5-6 am. The atmosphere in Turkey is beautiful!

If we talk about the point on the map where you want to live… isn’t that somewhere in Turkey?
Евгения Лоза: «Ненавижу болтунов, любишь – умей молчать!»Beautiful country, I like to rest there, but to live permanently there I would not want to. I like the place Gelka, where they filmed the birthplace of Kemal. This Turkish province, which is a very old house. We went to visit a very old grandmother, expressed her homage, and she gave us tea. Incidentally, all admired my height, because many of the local residents considerably below me. A local showed us pictures of their children and grandchildren, I was very touched by such a reverent attitude to guests. Most of the time we lived in Bodrum, a wonderful hotel and from the window were visible a crazy sunset, yachts… And pomegranates on the trees that you can collect along the way to shoot – just magic… Yes, I wanted to purchase a property abroad. But now I think otherwise because I don’t want to be tied to one country. In the world so many places I want to visit, to learn something new. Sometimes you want to go somewhere, but don’t stay there for long. I like to live in Russia, she was my first feeding, my parents live here, and move to another place don’t want.—
Tell us about the new season of the series. What awaits the audience?
The second season will answer the question: how to keep love? We will also have a new story about the girls who came to Turkey to work and got into trouble. All the twists and turns that happen with them, is very instructive, it is interesting to see. My on-screen mom is also going to be a new story, so passions are vengeance!