Evgeniya Kochergina rescued from the Elevator house, killing his daughter

Евгения Кочергина спасали из лифта дома, где погибла его дочь Anchorman is still not fully recovered after the tragedy. The heiress speaker Irina died in January 2016, when the car fell into the pit. In the near future the Investigative Committee will announce the results of the final examination in this case.

      Евгения Кочергина спасали из лифта дома, где погибла его дочь

      Known speaker on Monday will turn 71. Next week, the Investigative Committee must announce the results of the final examination in the case of the fall of an Elevator in a residential complex “Scarlet sails”, due to which in January of this year killed the daughter of Evgeny Alexandrovich – Irina. The main suspect, electrician Alexey Belousov, is found in detention and the lifting of the cab in the house work just intermittently.

      “Recently my wife and I came to visit her granddaughters and son-in-law and got stuck in the lift, – said the “StarHit” Evgeniy Kochergin. – Had to call the Manager so he freed us from captivity. Imagine feeling! Spouse a few days saw a sedative. They still did not fix it. That ill-fated Elevator that fell a floor, are boarded up. Two adjacent function poorly”.
      Евгения Кочергина спасали из лифта дома, где погибла его дочь

      We will remind that next day after the tragedy on 15 January 2016 Khoroshevsky court of Moscow arrested the electrician of the LCD “Scarlet sails” Alexey Belousov. Supposedly 28-year-old employee of the company “the guarantor” has performed works on maintenance of the cabin shortly before it collapsed into the mine.

      “Are you saying that Alex signed once the decision to operate, – said Evgeniy Kochergin. – I believe that he should be held accountable for the death of my daughter”.

      Belousov, who is sitting in jail No. 3, denies any wrongdoing. According to the lawyer Victor Badian, Alex changed the bulbs and the oil in the cabin, but no documents even never seen.

      “Three criminal cases concerning improper operation of the company “the guarantor” and Alexei Belousov – together in one and only arrested my client, – has told “StarHit” Victor star Anise. – Although the day of the tragedy he slept after his shift, did the other mechanic. All other Directors, the experts issued a technical passport elevators is held as a witness. We are charged with providing poor service, but what exactly, I can not explain. A complaint in this regard has been taken, will have to check. Alex is a regular guy, doing Taekwondo, was going to marry… Now what kind of wedding”.

      In the case of the Belousov convicted, faces up to 6 years of imprisonment as regards 2 articles 238 of the criminal code “Rendering services not meeting safety requirements, which entailed by negligence the infliction of grievous bodily harm or death of the person”.

      Irina still had two little girls in which education does their father, the Deputy General Director of “VTB Insurance” Alexei Volodin. But Kochergin, according to friends, still not fully recovered after the tragedy.

      “We are trying somewhere to get Eugene to distract from gloomy thoughts, – said legendary announcer Anna Shatilova. – Work together to lead activities.”

      Have Kochergina have two daughters – Natalia from the first family and the illegitimate Milan, whose mother is the TV presenter was having an affair in the late 70-ies. But Evgeny does not support relations. 37-year-old Milana Nemikina from Yakutsk he first saw in February 2015 on the program “Let them talk”.

      “Milana is well, provided she is married, has a son Ruslan, who is six, told the “StarHit” Milana’s mother – Lyudmila. – Kochergin thinks she needs the inheritance, but it is not. Talking about attention. Is it interesting at least, like daughter? Especially Milan soon moved to Moscow, will be very close to the father and ready to forgive all wrongs, to meet and talk heart to heart.”