Евгения Добровольская: «Я не занималась ни одним своим ребенком»
The actress made an unexpected confession.

Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya daughter

Photo: Philip Goncharov

This year seven-year-old daughter Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya Anastasia, getting ready to go to school. The girl is well read and most loved detectives.

“This year we Nastily went to my friend,
the journalist Masha Slonim in England, in Devon, ” says the actress. — Lived in the house, if I am not mistaken, XVI
century, with a thatched roof. Traveled on English trains. In General, a very
an interesting journey it was. And there Nastina has come true a dream we both
love the detectives, especially Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle, all stories know
by heart, and we fans of British TV series. And here we visited the apartment
Holmes on Baker street — it turned out to be surprisingly small: tiny
small rooms, narrow stairs, are designed for very thin people”.

Thus the art recognizes that she is bad teacher: she believes that parents need to love their children, to teach them should be professionals.

“She was prepared to
our wonderful kindergarten, who went all
my three sons (Stepan now 29 years old, Nicholas — 24, Jan — 14. — Approx.ed), — says Eugene. — By the way, neither one of his
a child I was not engaged, I have never had the time, and then I
impatient, do not know how long to explain, starting to get angry, and children
upset. I have absolutely no teaching abilities. Learning needs
specialists, and mom is mom, she should just love their children. Think
childhood emotional background is more important. And the main thing that parents behaved
reasonable. Because I now remember, I was a young mother, it’s awful
some! My poor older kids. Well, Junior was more fortunate: the mother is calm,
mom with them at home.”

Full interview with the actress here.

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