Evgeniya Akhremenko has shared details of the conflict with the other woman

Евгения Ахременко поделилась деталями конфликта с разлучницей The actress said that she received a nasty message from a lady ex-husband. Evgeniya Akhremenko admitted that Konstantin Solovyov left her and two sons. Now she’s trying to understand why ex-husband disowned children.
Евгения Ахременко поделилась деталями конфликта с разлучницей

The actress Evgeniya Akhremenko admitted that her ex-husband, the famous actor Konstantin Solovyov, does not recognize his two sons. In all the interviews he mentions the daughter of the current wife Anastasia. Six-year-old Lisa he calls his only child. Artist outraged by such statements, and therefore she came to the Studio program “Let them talk”, to say to the whole country about the truth. The actress Evgeniya Akhremenko, “Father of my children has cut us off”

Eugene said that he and Constantine was not only married, but was married in the Church. Male dreamed about children, and therefore twice attended the birth of his wife. The editors of the program “Let speak” has managed to get through to Konstantin Solovyov, to get his view on the situation. The man said that now is married, where he grows seven year old daughter Lisa. He’s happy that he met Anastasia, which combines beauty and intelligence. According to him, he had another wife, though in America. However on a direct question about the children Evgeniya Akhremenko, the man gave a harsh response.

“That’s not true,” concluded the actor.
Евгения Ахременко поделилась деталями конфликта с разлучницей

Now Eugene is trying to understand why ex-husband disowned children. Despite the fact that Solovyov pays alimony and recorded in the column “father” in the documents, he did not consider it necessary to see the boys and participate in their upbringing.

Studio guests could not believe that a famous actor can do to their heirs. Some have even suggested that a second child was for Eugenia hope of saving the marriage. Akhremenko said that for men it was a welcome son.

“He wanted a second child, went with me to the ultrasound,” recalled the actress.
Евгения Ахременко поделилась деталями конфликта с разлучницей

A close friend of Eugenia recalled the words of Constantine that he promised never to leave children. In his opinion, adults can divorce, but the kids should not suffer because of this.

Nobody in the Studio could not fully understand what has caused the relationship to their sons. Some have suggested that a huge influenced on his current wife Anastasia. Akhremenko admitted that they personally are not familiar with the beloved ex-husband. The actress was hard to remember how she once got a nasty message from a woman.

“I’m Anastasia, the wife of Konstantin Solovyov. I saw how you send in pictures of your kids coast to the phone. Want you to know that he deletes them without looking. When I asked him who it was, he told me that it was spam. And then said, “That’s two errors: a senior is a big mistake, and the younger hesitancy to insist on abortion. It is a pity that children should not be cut, as credit cards. Don’t need in the trash.” Please, do not humiliate. Why are you doing this? We have the Bones of a happy marriage, daughter,” was the message.

Also in the SMS Anastasia said that got pregnant in 2010. She met Solovyov and couldn’t resist. The woman told that in order to be with her, Constantine took additional work in other cities, and she accompanied him. According to her, Constantine was looking for the right moment to break up with Eugenia and a very unflattering spoke of her. Anastasia tried to convince the ex-wife of the elect, that they have a good family and they live in harmony.

Евгения Ахременко поделилась деталями конфликта с разлучницей

Akhremenko remembered that the second pregnancy for her was a complete surprise. When she reported this to his wife, he replied that he wasn’t around. Now Eugenia is a shame because she even thought of abortion. She was scared to be a single mother with two children. However, two months later, Constantine came back with declarations of love and her son.

Eugene did not miss the chance to contact her ex-husband. She wants to understand why Constantine is so indifferent to their own children.

“I have two questions that I want to get the answer. First: our marriage was a PR? And second: you have a daughter Elizabeth? I want to ask a question, looking into his eyes,” – concluded Eugene.