Евгений Стычкин сбежал в Индию
Overworked actor on the set and had to be treated for stress.

Evgeniy Stychkin


Due to filming in a huge number of projects (only in 2018, is already five) Evgeniy Stychkin worked myself into a stressful state. “I was exhausted from the huge amount of work, tired of people who shared Stychkin. — India was the most suitable place for recuperation. Every morning I did yoga, meditated, admiring nature, walked a lot and swam. It helped get over it”.

This season, India is becoming a more popular place for Russian celebrities. For example, recently, Maria Poroshina returned from vacation, which she spent in Goa with the older daughters (12-year-old Seraphim and 21-year-old Pauline) and my mom. “Before that, I played 57 performances in a row, without
weekend, in different cities, — says Maria. But in this
a stunning location I had six days to rest and gain
energy. Goa is not only physical relaxation, but also
psychological “reset”. I loved this place for almost a decade
ago, when I came here for the shooting of the series “always say “Always”. With
‘ve been to Goa, and children love it here. We spend hours
swim in the stunning Indian ocean…” the figure Turned 44-year-old
star, mother of four daughters, can only envy. “Stay
slender hard — smiling Poroshina. Helps diet and my
a childhood sport”.