Евгений Левченко создал новорожденному сыну «Инстаграм» The footballer became a father earlier this week, surprised his fans. The athlete created for the little Kia account in the social network, and also shared a new photo with the baby.

      Participant of the first season of the show the Bachelor Evgeniy Levchenko for the first time became a father. His beloved Victoria, Koblenko bore him a son in the beginning of this week. The boy was named Kyi, in honour of the Prince, who founded Kiev. The boy has become a star of microblogging parents, as his mother and father immediately shared the photo with a newborn. Happy father Evgeniy Levchenko decided to show my subscriber on another picture with the baby.

      In the frame of the well-known football player and little Cue laying on the bed. The boy’s face difficult to see, as he sleeps buried in the shoulder of the Pope. “Sleep, my darling, go to sleep”, – has signed a frame Levchenko a line from a famous lullaby. Because the player lives in the Netherlands, the words have also been translated into Dutch language. The most attentive fans of the athlete noticed that in the photo of the boy marked as kiylevchenko, this means that the parents created an account on the social network to his newborn son. Access to page is restricted, however, the heir of the pair already have a few subscribers.

      Photos published Evgeniy Levchenko (@elevchenko) Aug 11 2016 6:44 PDT

      Followers of Eugene were delighted with the touching family scenes. “Who’s been waiting for his own happiness, usually waiting for”, “Miracle”, “the wedding will probably be! Beware, girl, – praised heir Levchenko users of the social network.

      By the way, before the young father shared the video from the bar where he and his friends supposedly celebrating the birth of the cue. Beloved Eugenia Victoria Koblenko not yet telling about the first days of the baby, although her followers really want to know how she feels as a mom.

      Recall that Levchenko and Koblenko reported on the upcoming addition to the family in April of this year. During pregnancy girlfriend of football player managed to play in several major projects as a model and to be on the cover of the magazine along with Eugene. The couple has experienced tough times. Only in the winter of 2015 Levchenko realized that he needed only Koblenko and finally returned to the girl. Before the party, the Bachelor was planning to marry the finalist of the project Olesya Ermakova, but their affair was not destined to end with a wedding.

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