Evgenia Brik told what to do during pregnancy

Евгения Брик рассказала, чем будет заниматься во время беременности
The wife of Valery Todorovsky already thought of baby names.

Evgeniya Brik

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Evgenia Brik admitted that along with her husband, Director Valeriy Todorovsky, they dream of a second child.

“It is strange that I have no huge belly came to the interview — the actress laughs. Is the name already chosen for a boy and for girls. We all dream about the baby. I realize that we are delayed with a second child. Our Zoyatchka (eight-year-old daughter, actress and Director, who is studying in Los Angeles. — Approx. ed.) is older brother Peter and sister (children from her first marriage Valery Todorovsky), which she loves, but she wants someone younger. I said to her, “Daughter, be still!” By the way, in America I’m considered a very young mother. There in forty years of just thinking about the children. All mother’s daughter’s classmates are very adult. So I still do everything ahead”.

Eugene Brick already knows what to do during pregnancy.

“I’ll write the script, — said the actress. —. I can come up with an interesting story, at least the synopsis and write the script with professional script writers. There are also beautiful, inspiring examples. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck wrote the screenplay “Good will hunting”, he has played there the main role, and the film won the “Oscar”. Russian actress Dasha Caruso and Svetlana Ustinova also came up with fascinating history and Roman Volobuev took something out of it. This approach I respect. Even Valera said to me: “Come on. When shooting, you have time, Zoe at school, sit down and write. I’m always open to suggestions, a good idea is the most valuable.” One idea I have been with him shared, and he said that it can be developed into a script. It takes time. I can write about what well-versed. The story, based on personal experience. For several months I make notes, sketches. Let’s see what happens.”

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