Евгения Брик исполнила забытый хит
For his birthday, the actress chose a little-known song.

Евгения Брик исполнила забытый хит

Evgenia Brik and Vladimir Vdovichenkov in the TV series “the Optimists”

Evgenia Brik was always interested in music
the middle of the last century. So she happily plays in the paintings, the action
which happens in this epoch, as, for example, “hipsters” and “Thaw”. Now
the actress starred in the TV series of the TV channel “Russia” (RTR) the “Optimists” about
the diplomats of the 60-ies. Eugene plays the star black and white screen — speaker Galina
Wolin, which tied an affair with the Director of information-analytical
group of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Grigoriy Biryukov, the character of Vladimir Vdovichenkov. By the way,
really, such a unit in the Ministry of foreign Affairs has never existed, it was invented

“In the scene of the birthday of my heroine I sing
awesome song “Stars in the conductor’s bag, which now sang, to
unfortunately, forgotten singer, a woman insane beauty Lydia Clement, —
says 7days.ru Eugene Brick. — One of our writers, Michael
IDE, loves her work, suggested this song. Early in his career, Lydia Clement was
very popular, but she died very early, so now it is few people know. Song
“Stars in the conductor’s bag” is quite difficult to execute. And we
actress Olga Golucky that accompanies me, because of a mismatch of our
graphs, only first met on the set of this episode was terribly shaking
but the excitement probably did it much better than if we’d a hundred times

In the TV series “the Optimists also removed Anatoly
White, Egor Koreshkov, Rinal Mukhametov, Artem Bystrov, and other actors.

Eugene Brick in the TV series “the Optimists”

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