Евгений Плющенко удивил поклонников неожиданным образом Olympic champion and a beard. Evgeni Plushenko has changed over the holidays, sparking mixed reactions from its users. Skater these days together with the family resting in Provence.
Евгений Плющенко удивил поклонников неожиданным образом

Olympic figure skating champion Evgeni Plushenko has for many years remained faithful to the same image – the image of a fair-haired blond guy who if allowed himself a facial, then the maximum, it was the bristles.

Because fans of the famous sportsman was incredibly surprised when Plushenko appeared before them in a new and quite unexpected manner. Skater grew a beard. A snapshot of him with facial hair, Evgeni Plushenko shared with subscribers microblog. These days together with his family Olympic champion resting in Provence. In the photo the athlete is on the background of the main sights of the French city of Avignon – papal Palace, one of the most famous monuments of medieval Gothic architecture.

However, not many fans of Evgeni Plushenko drew the attention to the place where he is now. What really impressed them is the beard of the famous sportsman. Under the Plushenko discussion, is his hair on the lower face or stands immediately to get rid of.

“Without facial hair better! Unearthly your wife should not feel friction on your beautiful face!”, “Jack, what do you think of this beard? Without it, you’re so sweet”, “I think Yana like the beard, it does not cause discomfort”, “You released from prison?”, “The man with the beard – is that necessarily out of prison? Man changes the image, in my opinion, it’s always great,” discussing a new image of Evgeni Plushenko the subscribers of his microblog.

We will remind, in March of this year, the Olympic champion announced the completion of sports career. Evgeni Plushenko will no longer participate in competitions as an athlete. Skater has been actively engaged in trainer’s work, opened the Academy of Angels of Plushenko.

The plans of Evgeni Plushenko to go to Korea for the Olympics as a mentor and guest. The athlete admitted that he entered into the life span, when it is much more fun to see how the Champions are young talents, including his son Alexander. Son Rudkovskaya and Plushenko flashed on the ice show dad

“I’m tired. Ate. Before needed adrenaline. Now this is not necessary. And all of a sudden again injury. 15 operations enough to retire. Thank you Yana, which I have always supported,” – said Evgeni Plushenko in an interview.