Евгений Плющенко возмущен скандалом из-за участка земли A famous athlete came to acquire the territory for Playground. Evgeni Plushenko is going to equip the place to train in one of the villages in the Odintsovo district. The lawyer of the skater believes that allegations of the alleged illegal construction want to tarnish his name.
Евгений Плющенко возмущен скандалом из-за участка земли

Not long ago, the famous figure skater and twice Olympic champion Yevgeny Plushenko decided to open a Playground in the village Molodenovo Odintsovo district. He chose the site, which is located a short distance from his house and prepared for construction. However, soon there appeared the information that the man allegedly “at war” with the neighbors for a sweet piece of land and literally survived people from the territory. Famous skater was outraged by such allegations and told the situation really is.

“I wrote that I was going to demolish someone’s home and to build the school. But in this area nothing is impossible to build. It is forbidden to all, not just me. There will be just a platform, no buildings. With any of the neighbors I have, no conflicts, and no complaints. I have a document received in the administration of the Odintsovo district, to the arrangement of the playgrounds,” explained the athlete.

Plushenko surprised and not understand exactly who could complain of him, as do not enter into conflicts with its neighbors and maintains good relations with them. He admitted that even helps them to solve some questions.

“Here live the people who settled in the village twenty years ago, built a house illegally on the territory that belongs to the Moscow region, but even with them I have no conflict — my tenancy only border is with them, and they both lived, and live,” – said Eugene.

The Olympic champion believes that the Playground will not interfere with any of the locals. He said that the territory can not build any buildings, but because he did not violate the law. Moreover, on this land there are no buildings that would be demolished – all the houses are on the border area. Attorney Eugene Larisa Kazantseva said the publication of Life that such statements about the scandal of someone who wants to “annoy” famous skater.

“The neighbors have no complaints, their homes will not prevent the site. I have the feeling that someone just wants to discredit Eugene”, the woman said.