Евгений Плющенко отменил шоу из-за серьезной травмы The skater had to postpone several scheduled performances. Evgeni Plushenko hurt his neck. He appealed to the fans to support him in a difficult period and not to worry about his health. The athlete says that soon she will be back on the ice.
Евгений Плющенко отменил шоу из-за серьезной травмы

Evgeni Plushenko is now on tour with the program “Prince on ice”. In each country, the fans of talented skaters look forward to bright rooms, but the Olympic champion had to cancel a 35-year-old seriously injured his neck.

Eugene made the audience a video message in which he apologized for not be able to go ice — skater will have to undergo treatment. Despite the absence of Plushenko, scheduled for this week four of the show will not be cancelled.

“Now I can not ride due to problems with the neck. Can’t turn my neck. I was preparing for performances, coached difficult jumps. But I got injured. Hope to be back soon. I’m healthy, strong, and never give up. I am now undergoing intensive treatment to recover quickly. And I’m sorry that you will not be able to perform. I know you were going to meet with me. I’m very disappointed. Thank you for understanding,” wrote Plushenko.
Евгений Плющенко отменил шоу из-за серьезной травмы

What was the cause of the injury, the skater did not elaborate. However, fans are most concerned about sad news, because previously, Plushenko had any other health problems.

So, in 2015 he had to cancel a number of training and competing due to a serious back injury. Then the doctors of the Israeli clinic found a crack in the intervertebral disc of the athlete. A year later Eugene had a hernia operation in the cervical spine due to the complex operation he also had to miss the show.

We will remind, officially end of sports career, Plushenko announced in 2017. The reason was health problems — during the Olympic games in Sochi in 2014, the athlete won gold in the team tournament, but to skate a single program could not because of severe pain in the back.

“I finished a career in the sport. Starting my own Academy where I work as a coach. Now there are guys from other countries who want me to do. There are guys from Russia, who can also claim to get in the top three and go to the Olympic games. Now I am focused on coaching and riding in parallel in the demonstrations”, — said Plushenko.

Now the skater has successfully coached young athletes. One of them was his son Sasha. The boy already taking part in the show, Pope and competing with other masters of the sport. “In the future dream of becoming an Olympic champion like my dad. Therefore, it is necessary to practice a lot,” said Sasha “StarHit” and his ambitions.

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