Tigran and Yuliya Salibekova divorced two years ago, but the scandals between them have not subsided so far. “Even before marriage”: Tigran Salibekov admitted that he had raised his hand against Yulia Salibekova Tigran denied this until recently, but a video appeared on the network confirming the words of Salibekova. After that, he had to make excuses. It turned out that Tigran beat Yulia several times before the wedding, and this, apparently, in his opinion, does not count.

“They are trying to make me look like a balabol. I hit her on the lips two or three times when Yulia spoke badly about my parents. It was still on the project and before marriage. For 10 years of our life together outside the perimeter, I never raised my hand to her, “said the participant of the TV show.

Yesterday Yulia said that the former her husband defeated her in court. He managed to sue the apartment they bought for their youngest son.

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