Evelina khromtchenko declassified beloved man

Эвелина Хромченко рассекретила любимого мужчину

The presenter for the first time lifted the veil of secrecy of his personal life.

Evelina khromtchenko – a mysterious woman. She is not averse to delve into the twists and turns of other people’s lives and make a lot of mistakes, but currently prefers to remain silent. No one knows who lives Evelina Khromchenko, who loves or hates what he thinks at night, what dreams.

And here for no reason, the leading “Fashion sentence” suddenly decided to lift the veil of secrecy of his personal life. In an interview Khromchenko told about a man who literally carries her in his arms. And that man is a new York-based artist Dimitri Semakov. Imagine how lucky? Of course, it’s best to keep quiet, and that the world so much envy…

“His dad is an artist, mother travels. We were introduced by a mutual friend – said Khromchenko. — I then began to discover the new York art crowd. At a certain point, under certain circumstances, we looked at each other with different eyes”.

Usually when a man and a woman a spark, they will forget all do not notice anything around, including the shortcomings of each other. However, khromtchenko would not Khromchenko, if not able to evaluate the style of the future partner and to find in it a lot of shortcomings.

“It was loud. Uncomfortable. High and very active in voting. Besides, at that moment he liked R’n’b-a style of dress that I can’t stand, large sports jackets. Well, at least not shone, but they had enough volume. Pants some the floor. But we still hang out when I came. One went into the Studio, where Demetrios was gathering friends, designers draw. Look, and he changed into jeans man. They have still kept these jeans” – quoted Khromchenko Tatler.

Now Evelyn and Dimitri live together. And in the house Khromchenko live well three pairs of sneakers forty-sixth the size with twenty pairs of black ankle boots thirty-eighth size.

“We started with friendship, why is it suddenly going to change their relationship? — says about the current relationship Evelina. — Help each other, talking about art, arguing about the movie. Well, gossiping, of course.”