Evelina Bledans went blonde

Эвелина Блёданс перекрасилась в блондинку
The actress dramatically changed the image.

Evelina Bledans

Photo: Instagram

Evelina Bledans has changed beyond recognition, fully
changing your hairstyle. Actress increase hair 30 inches and
dyed it platinum blonde. “Decided on drastic measures —
shared the actress. Blonde. Why not? Everything flows, everything changes”…

However, fans of the stars signed to its product page in
social network, Evelyn did not believe. The reason for doubt fans knitted
cap, with which the actress, showing off a new hairstyle, not broken up.

“Do not believe! Fiction! You are so good with the dark?” a confused
they said.

By the way, this act of Evelina is not the only one that
has caused heated discussion among fans. Not long ago, the actress appeared on
one of the social events in a very risky outfit. Bledans clothed
to appear on “the party” a pantsuit and made a splash: a jacket with
the plunging neckline she wore on her naked body, thus highlighting a magnificent bust. Fans
suspected that she did a boob job on a recent vacation in Thailand
and, after the publication of the star of the pictures, the same Trouser suit with new
force began to argue on this topic. However, the actress does not
commented on the topic being discussed. This time she refrained from
participation in the discussion.