Эвелина Бледанс рассказала, с кем вступает в интимную связь The star prefers to have fun in the company of boys mladsche her. After the divorce with her husband Alexander Evelina Bledans not strongly discouraged, because it draws the attention of men of different ages.

Actress and TV presenter Evelina Bledans looks gorgeous and accentuates your figure alluring outfits. She loves to attend parties and sometimes even stops regularly at strip clubs. According to star, she is very like the atmosphere and the drinks that’ll buy.

“Fucked from the heart, fun. There at the entrance of pour good tincture. But one drink is not enough. You need to drink at least three. Because when you look at them sober, you seem to understand that the shoulders they have a priest there, and the penis as something not very… . In the face of strippers are generally not allowed to look. Just as a rule, they have dull eyes, dull. Therefore, in glasses, masks or even blindfold them so much better! This zhanka do all humiliated there, and I still had a good side to these boys. In General, moderately muscular body, pumped by some natural method, I like. But it should not be excessive and the man this should not non-stop to enjoy themselves,” said Evelyn.

Celebrity believes that men ought not to dwell much on the figure, but in moderation to take care of themselves. Now Evelina meets businessman Sergey Demonweb. However, the relationship with the elect, it does not apply. Star jokes about his preferences in sex. Evelina Bledans is credited with an affair with businessman

“I look at the young sleeping with the old. In fact, even in bed you need to understand that not just sleep with the machine working. This machine must also be able to talk, keep the conversation going. A man wants to go to a play, watch a movie and then discuss it, and not just stupid to sleep. I therefore went for the full Monty to once again understand that it’s not mine. Then there are boys there beautiful fins so they are all willing to continue the relationship for free outside the club. But it is still interesting” – shared Bledans.

In recognition of the singer, unknown to her, when the man’s jealous of her. They gave her enough freedom. “I’ve never been tied hand and foot in anything. Man must believe that he is the only man for you. He must understand that if a woman is to prohibit something, something to press, something she can’t give, then she will want it more and will still do everything in secret. So it is better to allow and then it will play and you will understand that it is really not particularly interesting. I can’t always be the man. Sometimes I have to be a female that is in search of” – shared the star in an interview with “Interlocutor”.