Evelina Bledans told the whole truth about their husbands

Эвелина Бледанс рассказала всю правду о своих мужьях
The actress became a participant of the TV project “Heroines of our time.”

Эвелина Бледанс рассказала всю правду о своих мужьях

Evelina Bledans

She was never afraid to be myself and to risk everything for
vocation and love: even when in 30 years began their careers after a long break
or at 43, the second time became a mother.
In the project of the TV channel “Home” “Heroines of our time” Evelina Bledans
told about sons and husbands.

Glory Evelina Bledans received in 1992, when I started
play comic group “Masks”, and the screens went silent comic series “Masks show”.
The actress played in the project in a sexy nurse, but this career she
I decided to quit in 2005.

“What I would do in Odessa in the theater “Maski show”? says
Bledans. — Then I had more serious inquiries and plans for the future. Besides
well, I’m sure that in this life all happens as it should be.”

Evelina Bledans

Around Evelyn always had a lot of fans,
but she was married three times. With the first husband Yuri Stytskovsky — Director and
leading TV magazine “Pun intended”, they
met in his student years. And only after seven years of marriage
decided to get married, but the marriage lasted only six months.

“I wanted to go
at the disco, sew a new dress and lipstick — says Bledans. But
I was forced to watch the films of Tarkovsky, and then another, and discuss their
in the evenings after returning from the Institute. Then I hated it, but now
I understand that it has given me the opportunity to be a presenter to give people advice and
to draw certain conclusions”.

The second time Evelyn was married to Israeli businessman Dmitry.
To this marriage was born her eldest son Nicholas. After the divorce in 2010, Nicholas
left to live with his father and stopped all contact with known mother. Only
recently the mother and son finally began to communicate. “Although Dmitry said
never gets prick against me, I think subconsciously it happened, — says Evelina. Because both side looked the situation: child lives
with the father and the mother — cuckoo, who went and found herself another man. He
it was a shame and wonder why I did so.”

Third husband Bledans became a Russian producer and Director
Alexander Semin. In 2012 the couple had a son Simon, during
pregnancy Evelina learned that expecting a child with down syndrome, but not
refused his birth. “God loves a Trinity, and my third husband Sasha —
a collective image of what I always wanted to see my husband, says
actress. — We much “bite” after we were told that birth
child with down syndrome. I’m used to negative comments, but for Sasha it is
was a huge shock. Now he eschews publicity, because the Cup of his
patience is already overflowing.”

By the way, in 6 months, Simon received his first
a contract for the shooting in advertising diapers. “Often spiteful critics writing in the social
networks: “It is promoted with the help of my son!”, to which I reply: “Yes, I PR
people with down syndrome in the face of Seeds Semin!”, — says Evelina. — Someone else
does this in our country? No one! Only our family is not afraid to speak openly
about this issue, and to gather around him people who previously hesitated
to do.”

Simon, as an actress, a real star.

“In the dressing room
Semen can squeak, vrednichat and try and drink all my blood, ” laughs
Evelina. — But as soon as he comes in the Studio to the applause of the audience, it
changes and for two hours quietly sitting, smiling and clapping then
when this is necessary.”

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