Evelina Bledans told that the newly married and give birth to a third child

Эвелина Блёданс рассказала, что вновь выйдет замуж и родит третьего ребенка
The presenter revealed details of his personal life.

Evelina Bledans

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Evelina Bledans learned that in the future it will have another marriage and the birth of the third child. Such a prediction she made by experts of the program “the invisible Man”. Evelyn has for many years been leading this popular program, therefore, believes that in her life everything goes exactly as it is predicted by the magician, a CSI, a psychic, psychologist, palmist and shaman.

“Yesterday was an unprecedented event in the show “the invisible Man” when the character was myself. How many interesting things I heard. From: soon to be new husband and perhaps a child, and admiring men so much that the deck of a fortuneteller Aida is not enough cards. And have less to plow like a horse, having a spirit animal a graceful DOE. And the knot I tied strong, but useless. Power is — do not mind. In short, the program will be bomber!” — promises of Evelina.

Recall that the 49-year-old Bledans has been married three times already. Her first husband was Yuri Stytskovsky. Followed family life with an Israeli businessman Dmitry, from which Evelyn gave birth to son Nicholas. And finally the marriage with Alexander Semin. To break up with him, the TV star announced last fall. In 2012 Evelina and Alexander was born the son of Simon, to the joint education of which a couple continues to do.

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