Эвелина Бледанс расказала о разводе с Александром Семиным

Actress and TV presenter Evelina Bledans divorced with her third husband Director Alexander Semin. Long time star hid problems in the family, exposing happy pictures and comments. But it soon appeared that the girl hedgehog a year is not married with her ex-husband, who has already found a new love.

Эвелина Бледанс расказала о разводе с Александром Семиным

Fans were happy idyll that has occurred in their family. On the pictures on social media the couple along with son nice smile, but behind the scenes their family was destroyed. The presenter carefully concealed bad news, but recently dared to appear on the television transmission of “live” and told host Andrei Malakhov on his divorce.

Her ex-husband lost a lot of weight after breaking up with Bledans and managed to find a new love. But Evelina’s life turned out a little differently about what she said and sitting in the audience for a broadcast program of the channel “Russia-1”.

Эвелина Бледанс расказала о разводе с Александром Семиным

At the beginning of their marriage, the couple decided to get a prenup, and distributed the property which they will get after the divorce. At the moment, unresolved contradictions remain in the life of a former spouse, which they intend to establish. Semin is not willing to concede to the girl. He makes it clear. he will fight with Bledans for the property.

Shooting new release “Live” in full swing and the first shared a photo from behind the scenes singer Danko. He put the photograph together with Evelina Bledans, Andrey Malakhov and Natalia Gulkin in the “instagrame” to which the fans immediately responded. Subscribers began to beg stars details about the show, but he says that soon they’ll know everything.

It does not comment on the divorce so the husband Bledans. After the divorce, he lost 48 pounds. Diet definitely went in his favor. The ex-wife supported the man, not letting him fall off the wagon. But Alexander did not stop there and lost another couple of pounds. Fans have already begun to sound the alarm, begging the producer to stop and not beat myself up sparing diets. They believe that man already looks great.

Evelina Bledans has tied the knot with Alexander Semin in 2010. The man became her third husband. After two years of living together, the guys got a son Simeon. At birth, the doctors diagnosed the baby with down syndrome, but the parents did not abandon the Seeds. On the contrary, they made every possible effort, what would the kid feel great.