Evelina Bledans thinking about a third child after a divorce

Эвелина Бледанс задумалась о третьем ребенке после развода Star refuses dreams give birth to her third baby. Evelina Bledans admitted that she once again wants to babysit baby and take a walk with a stroller. The idea that it can once again become a mom, don’t leave the TV host, who not long ago broke up with her husband Alexander Semin.

48-year-old actress and TV presenter Evelina Bledans still feels the strength and desire to once again become a mother. The star admitted that she incredibly wants again to go all the way to the expectations of the baby, to experience emotions when his appearance on the light. She dreams that one day will once again be walking with a stroller, where sleeps her child.

These feelings swept Evelina Bledans at the time of communication with the little heir to her girlfriend, actress Victoria Stipinai. A young mother and her four-month-old son visited at the presenter, and that enough could nyanchitsya with rosy-cheeked baby.

“Didn’t want to talk. But… Here! How do you want again with the pram! Thanks Victoria, that has given to hold,” commented Evelina Bledans selection of pictures in the microblog, which captures the moment of her communication with the baby.

By the way, judging by the photos, the son of Evelyn Simon is not opposed to the emergence of the family of the baby. The boy curiously watched the baby and not jealous of his mother. “You will go walking with the pram!”, “See – not see”, “Great kids!”, “Come on, give birth again. Going again with the pram for a walk”, “Very well. May be repeated?” – discuss subscribers Evelina Bledans her post.

Actress and TV presenter repeatedly said that he dreams of a big family. A couple of years ago Evelina Bledans was even willing to adopt a child from Thailand. Motherhood has always been important for Bledans.

The desire to have children, the actress Evelina Bledans felt in her marriage with producer Alexander Semin. The first-born of the now former spouse was the son Samochka born in April 2012. Evelina and Alexander admitted that he would like to have a daughter. With the hopes of begging a baby they visited churches and monasteries. During a trip to Cyprus in August 2013 Evelina Bledans was applied to the belt of the Holy virgin with the idea of a little sister for son Seven.

But alas, the marriage of the actress with the father of her child broke up. Recall, the divorce Bledans, Alexander Semin, fans found out in September of this year. However, Evelina Bledans decided that parting with her husband is not a reason to abandon your dreams again to become a mother.