Evelina Bledans shared a revelation about the new novel

Эвелина Блёданс поделилась откровением о новом романе
The actress told how going through a divorce with her husband.

Evelina Bledans

Photo: @Instagram bledans Evelina Bledans

Evelina Bledans although trying his best to pretend that the divorce from Alexander Semin wasn’t it a drama, is still very much going through a breakup with a loved one. Some time ago, the actress triggered rumors that she allegedly had an affair with a young lover. These assumptions appeared after Evelyn showed in the Network footage of a candid photo shoot done on a yacht, where she posed with a muscular brunette. Fans then condemned Bledans for the fact that she so quickly “recovered” after the divorce…

In fact, after a painful break-Evelina cannot even think about to start a new serious relationship. About this star told on the day. 48-year-old actress has denied all the rumors about the affair with the young boyfriend and shared their experiences.

“I left with the play in the suburbs. The path is not close. The Semik lay opeu… And lie with him, and enjoy… It is just my vent, but work. Again the bed to warm up. Understand that it is possible somewhere to party if you want (I’m a bird now freestyle), but to bring home another man I am unlikely to be able to… — says Evelina. At least now I’m absolutely sure that won’t do it ever! And how would the “iron Felix,” I wasn’t — really hard!”

Recall that on the divorce of Evelyn and Alexander became known in early September, however, the breakup of the star couple happened much earlier. Bledans a whole year hiding from the fans the fact of the break with Semin, creating a Network image of the happy family. On the causes of divorce, the actress doesn’t want to talk, but rumor has it that to take such a serious step Evelina decided after, now, ex-husband found himself a new love interest.